The Be Kekoa Salon Team

Brandie Kekoa

The Founder

Brandie Kekoa Healthy Hair Artist


Brandie Kekoa, founder of Be Kekoa Hair Studio, has belonged to the textured hair industry since childhood and is a 3rd generation hair care professional like her Aunt and Grandmother before her. Many of the struggles she helps her clients overcome with maintaining their curly hair, she has had to overcome herself. 

With years of personal hands-on experience, Brandie Kekoa is incessantly educating herself in her industry specialty (natural curly, wavy, and textured hair care) through seminars, workshops, and educational courses. Brandie is very passionate about her company’s mission to empower women to exude pride and confidence in their natural curly hair. With a focus on bringing out each client’s natural beauty, Brandie and her company Be Kekoa are developing fair trade products, as well as offering education and services with this mission at its core.

Brandie Kekoa's Natural Curly Hair journey and the people she has helped on their way, inspired her to develop her Be Kekoa product line. Believing that the health of your hair is the foundation to any amazing style, Be Kekoa's Healthy Curl Product line was created with that being her core focus. Be Kekoa's products promote the restoration and maintenance of your hair, while bringing out your individual, natural beauty.

Audra McBride
Assistant & Stylist

Audra received her cosmetology license in 2008 from the Paul Mitchell School of Temecula. After receiving her license, she took skin care courses through Dermalogica in Irvine California. She pursued a short career in skin care at a destination spa in Vista CA.  Although Audra enjoyed doing skin care she has always had more of a passion for hair.  She loves the fact that someone can come in to the salon, whom may be having a bad day and sit in her chair and she can make them smile and feel beautiful again. She feels it is very rewarding to make people feel good about themselves.

Audra has assisted the amazingly talented “Healthy Hair Specialist”, Brandie Kekoa since 2014. She has taught her the ins and outs of textured hair. Brandie Kekoa has guided her, educated her, and instilled 100% confidence in her with what she does. Audra has a passion for natural curly/ textured hair. She believes all curls are beautiful, from the 4b’s to the 4c’s. Audra loves to see women embracing their natural curls.  Her specialty is natural curls, color and styling.  Audra is passionate and takes pride in her work and wants all of her clients to feel that passion.

If you are ready to have the scalp massage of your life and a stylist who truly cares about the integrity and health of your hair, please contact Audra for an appointment. Together, she will devise a regimen that works for you.

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Charmaine Chandler
Director of Sales & Marketing
Charmaine spent 18 years in the financial service industry, with greater than half of that time in supervisory and management positions. She has a very acute understanding of customers' needs, market trends in spending and marketing concepts. Charmaine handles all the day to day operations within Be Kekoa ranging from inventory control, developing partnerships and maintaining long lasting relationships with various companies. She is also responsible for expanding business relationships with international markets.  

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